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Parenting exceptionally or profoundly gifted children is a joy, a challenge, can be very difficult and feel very lonely. Many parents encounter suspicion and even hostility from society and sometimes even from relations. A child like this is so far outside most people's experience that they cannot believe he or she could be this way without intensive coaching, 'hothousing', by ambitious parents. Many parents learn to keep quiet about or play down their children's developmental milestones and achievements when the subject comes up. It is not unusual for parents to be reluctant to mention their child's abilities and interests to preschool and school teachers, fearing the 'pushy parent' label, and to be frankly disbelieved if they do.

Hard Won Truths is a good article for parents who are being told just to let their child enjoy her childhood and stop pushing her!

Helping your highly gifted child "deals with some areas of concern and provides a few practical suggestions based on the experience of other parents and the modest amount of research available".

Parenting highly gifted children: The challenges, the joys, the unexpected surprises "Andrew, age eight, has just completed his older brother's algebra text. Lynn, age four, has been reading the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. Anna, age ten, is a full-time college student. What would you do if you were the parents of Andrew, Lynn, or Anna? What should you do? How does having such a child impact a parent's life?...."

We knew he was bright... "The problems and joys of parenting a profoundly gifted child will be outlined from a personal viewpoint. The difficulties which we as "first time" parents faced in identifying giftedness and the educational options (including part time university study) which we gradually selected will be reported."

Profoundly gifted guilt offers a perspective for anyone who's ever said "I'm not smart enough to help my child", "I'm sure if I do the wrong thing I'll just ruin this child!", "I want to talk about my gifted child but I seldom do", and sadly, "I'd rather have a child who is 'normal' than one who is gifted."






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